Buffer Review 2017 : HootSuite Vs Buffer


Buffer is a web based customer relationship management tool. It is System as a Software(SaaS) tool which helps businesses to execute amazing social media strategies and activities across their organizations. It empowers its customers to keep good relations with their customer through social media. More than 40 lakh marketers are using Buffer to attain success in their social media strategies.

buffer review

Benefits of Buffer:

Buffer integrates with multiple social platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest etc. It’s Schedule tab enables users to publish online content at a specified time, day or frequency, even when you are offline. It allows you to create a customized queue of posts according to different time zones.

Buffer is one of the best social media management tools available in the market and makes social media sharing very easy and efficient.

Increase your Twitter and Instagram Followers.

Products and Features of Buffer:

Buffer Schedule: Buffer is a simpler and easier way to schedule posts. It allows users to publish online content at a specified time, day or frequency, even when you are offline. It allows you to create a customized queue of posts according to different time zones. You can fully manage all of your social media accounts in one place. So, no need to logging into multiple social accounts and post your campaign one by one to each account.

Buffer Reply: This perhaps is one the best feature of Buffer, it turns your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram engagement into threaded conversations, all neatly organized in one inbox for your team to tackle, together. This can save your time and also helps you to engage with your followers more efficiently.

buffer reply

Buffer Pablo: Buffer provides an amazing photo editing tool named Pablo, which can help you create beautiful and engaging images which also deliver your message to fans easily. You can share your edited picture directly to your social media accounts.

Analytics and Reporting: 

Buffer has some really powerful analytic tools which help you see a clear, concise snapshot of your key Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter activity to track trends and measure growth.

You can create your custom report or use Buffer templates to learn more about how your followers engage with your content. It also allows you to export these reports to your system in pdf or .csv format.

Buffer Pricing :

buffer vs hootsuite

Buffer Free Plan:

You can start using Buffer for free. Buffer provides lifetime free subscription for individual users. In the free plan, it allows only one social media Profile per platform and 10 scheduled posts per profile.

Awesome Individual Plan: 

This plan costs 10 dollars per month and allows 10 social media Profile per platform and 100 scheduled posts per profile. This plan is suitable for individuals with settled business.

Buffer Teams Plans:

Buffer Team plan comes in three different packages small, medium and large costing 99, 199 and 399 dollars per month. In these plans, you can make 25 to 150 social media profile and can schedule up to 2000 post per profile. Buffer also provides 14 days of free trial version for paid plans.


HootSuite Vs Buffer :

HootSuite and Buffer both have a similar primary function. Buffer and Hootsuite are two comparable products, In terms of capabilities, HootSuite is bigger than Buffer: more features, more integrations, more supported platforms and bigger analytics. In terms of pricing Buffer is much more cost efficient than HootSuite. Both provide free plans for individual users. Also, Buffer’s Pablo is something which is unique in both products. Pablo is a very useful product and can cost you heavy if you buy any other image editor like Canva or Pagemodo.


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