Anchor Podcast: A Modern-Day Radio To Make Your Podcast Seamlessly In Tune

App review on Anchor podcast to create your podcast seamlessly

The podcast is a modern-day radio that became a recurrent growing device many millennials. Back in time, were used by only a specific ratio, but now the digital media is making a regular thing with the podcasting thing as mainstream to attract listeners. Back in 2014, when iOS-trend in the US and with the launch of its stand-alone product iPods, it became easier to connect and communicate globally.

Play store is chock-full with too many applications that come handy but do they? Hundred-to-one chances to find a bosting podcast application that happens to use with few glitches and high fidelity audio. Podcasting became both passion and business to earn through the audio channels by distributing them.

One of such bosting podcasting applications we like to review about is ‘Anchor Podcast’ that veering millions of podcasters to download and record their own podcasts seamlessly.

Anchor FM Inc.- Talk. Record. Edit. Distribute seamlessly

Anchor FM is a podcast application that enables anyone to record or upload high-quality audio by hosting unlimited episodes and can distribute to every social channel with a click.

Be it a beginner or a seasoned pro; Anchor is a better way to podcast, making you an expert emcee.

Anchor lets to speak our mind.

“Our mission is to democratize audio. We believe everyone should be able to have their voice heard, regardless of background or experience level. If you’ve ever tried to start a podcast, you know all the logistical barriers that can stand in your way.”

Anchor Missioned to aim at…

Anchor prototype was build in 2014 by Michael Mignano and Nir Zicherman after realizing the difficulty in creating and distributing audio. After successful experimenting, In 2016, the first public version of Anchor launched which headquartered in NewYork City (NYC).

Anchor Podcast

Anchor podcast application is a whisk with high quality and powerful technology making it possible to the podcasters to save pockets from being a splurge and dependent on a fancy recording gizmo, software, and some affluent recording studios and so on.

How to profit from podcasting using Anchor?

Step 1: Create or log-in an account

Sign in Anchor app

Step 2: A New Episode screen with an option to Discover, Tools, and Your Podcast appears.

To add an audio click on the Tools button.

A new episode page in Anchor app

Step 3: Adding audio can be done in three possible ways- record yourself, integrate voice messages, and choose sounds from library.

Record and invite

Step 4: Tap the mic or invite people to join.

can invite people via Anchor

Step 5: Click on the red button to start recording within a go or in segments. An add flags option to reminds a podcaster to come back an edit/delete.

Recording the audio

Step 6: You can add background music noted in step 3.

P.S: You can add songs or music from Spotify too. Isn’t it amazing!?

Anchor app can add background music.

Step 7: After finishing the above all steps you can listen to a by clicking ‘Your Podcast’ button and Publish.

Thumbs up point: The permalink of any episode can be shared by users who do not have the app installed.

Besides these, you can also discover some trending and famous podcasts by people even with the help of keywords in the search bar.

A short video clip by Anchor

Fact Sheets

  • was acquired by number one audio streaming platform, Spotify for $140 Million on 6, Feb 2019.
  • Investors- Accel, Acequia Capital, SV Angel, Vijay Vachani, GV, and more.
  • In total, the company raised a $14.4 million fundings from the investors with an estimated revenue of $3.2M.
  • Competitors- Audioboom, MIxlr, and Podbean LLC.

‘Anchor’ing a regular podcaster to power up their interests

Overall to put it in a nutshell, is a well-designed application that host a free podcast with no storage constraints or trial periods. Just hit the install button to be that extraordinary guy from an ordinary guy.

The application is available on desktop, iOS, and Android and collaborated with the significant podcasters like Spotify, Google and Apple podcasts to reach the more extensive network.

Anchor podcast has 500,000+ installations.It is the Editor’s Choice app in the Google Play store and is the Best Apps of 2018 by Google Play. The app claims to have around 72,090 downloads monthly.

With this application, you can achieve the best of both worlds (passion and money).

Whizsky Review

People and Whizsky score 4.5 out of 5.

Albeit, boring stuff to listen to a mundane speech, nevertheless making our ears soothing by being creatively innovative to steer the growth. As Rick Riordan Haiku says, Podcasting should be like,

“Dreams like a podcast,
Downloading truth in my ears.
They tell me cool stuff.”


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