[App Review] Newsly- The daily tidings around the globe


News runs the world. Be it a virtual or a paper every nook and cranny information is made available for people. Being in a tech era most of them use news applications to have a quick view on what’s happening around us. Many news applications mushrooms and never lacks the quality in enticing people with different exciting scoops make people draw towards them, one such application which is buzzing right now is Newsly application.


About Newsly

Newsly is one destination for catching news from all around the globe and runs round the clock. The interesting concept of this application is one can find the famous publications viz — the Hindu, The Times of India, etc. and International publications like Washington Post, BBC, ABC, CNN, Associated Press, Reuter, The New York Times and lot more in one space. Newsly brings the latest headlines at every short-intervals.

With the app, you can pick up a category and find some tailored news as per your interests.


  • Business
  • Technology
  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Science and Nature
  • Gaming
  • Politics

All you need to do is just sign into the app and get notified about what’s happening around you. It also helps the user to create bookmarks of their favourite news articles.

Newsly Specifications

Newsly is a new application founded in February 15, 2018. The app is free to download which requires Android 4.4 and up. It uses the current version 1.0 offered by Apptunix with a size of 22M.

Newsly Scoop- Only the pro side!

Newsly is the fantastic news reading application so far. It is developed with full content news allowing users to read their favorite category headlines and bookmarking them.One thing which interested me in using this application instead of gliding myself to the different news websites I can find a melange of popular virtual newspapers at one spot. The news content is tailored in such a way that user does not get bored to read the lengthy lines and finds the information concisely but comprehensively making every user to read more about their field of interests. The highlighted category of the Newsly app is Science and Nature; most of the news apps do not consider much to provide the scoops about the Science and Nature, but this app gives a user particular slot to check about them which is particularly useful for the science students and novice science researchers.

The app is well designed and not chaotic. You can swipe to the categories smoothly without much hassle. The application needs minor tweaks but not arguably an issue as it is new to the app line but overshadows the minor issue because of the enhanced features it provides us like we can share the news in our social media platforms. Overall, there is no con side to the application.

As an application reviewer I found this app more exciting and interesting and couldn’t stop myself from sharing about the new Newsly application. Hope this piece of information is helpful to the netizens who scavenges for this kind of similar application.


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