[App Review] Skippy- You Can Skip The Long Boring Video Into A 3-Minute Read


Most of us feel vexed to watch the long informative YouTube videos, and especially when you look at the 20-minute Ted Talks. No offense, but we tend to skip the mundane video and browse for the short videos. In this way, there is a scope in missing most critical information. And some prefer reading over watching YouTube Videos.

After a tiresome search came across an application where we can skip watching long YouTube videos and have a 3-minute read into it and as an app reviewer couldn’t stop reviewing about it. The application is called “Skippy”.

About Skippy

Skippy is an application which is mainly a time-saver and developed particularly for YouTube informative videos that condense or permutes a 20-minute Ted talk or any other academical video to a 3-minute watch.

Now never say TLDW or TLDR

Skippy skips directly to the next subtitle, scene, or clip. The redundancies are filtered, and the information is conveyed more effectively. It shows you the most accessible and most engaging way of watching YouTube.


  • Tech & Sci
  • Inspiration
  • Social Studies
  • Art and Culture

What they Curate?

Skippy mainly curates videos from

  • TED
  • TED-ed
  • Crash Course
  • Khan Academy
  • Vox
  • Kurzgesakt
  • And the like

The application is free to download and claims to have more informative videos in a collection and over 1M+ installations. Skippy platform runs on a revenue model and also implies a B2B direction as it pilots more traffic to the content creation partners.

Working of Skippy

After installing the application and logging onto the skippy user finds a quick demo of it showing how the app works. The platform is simple and no chaos in listing the videos under the mentioned categories. A slider is located on the top of the screen focusing on groups ranging from Entrepreneurship to Productivity and indeed Relationships.

The app also has a search bar on the top right corner allowing users to search trending videos. The platform enables users with specific keywords, and the results are shown across the categories.

After tapping on to the preferred video, Skippy fragments it into smaller portions allowing users to swipe and read quickly. The application provides the video with real-time captions and also can swipe to learn more about the video creators.

Wholly, if you look at the application, it serves as the best tool for those who don’t want to watch an entire lecture again and also saves the time while watching a content video.


Many Ed-tech platforms are made available in the market with the help of modern technology, assisting many age groups in various categories. They help us to have universal access to education which is something beyond classrooms. Ed-tech platforms like Toppr and Byju’s, if we look at, are leading in the education field making learning as an exciting act instead finding it pretty intimidating.

And we have platforms like Skippy and Blinkist that are developed to help learners optimize on time.

Skippy, as they say, is a perfect match for the ones who hate sitting on watching a video and hope the video get on to the point. The platform is also good at finding a user the unspoken book or the book you haven’t read yet.


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