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Instagram has Announced New ways to Monetize IGTV

Instagram has announced new ways to monetize IGTV this week with additional features for donations as well. Instagram will be adding new digital badges...
PK Bloopers

‘PK’ continues to trend on Social Media

PK the latest release of Raj Kumar Hirani starring Aamir Khan & Anushka Sharma continues to create a strong buzz on social media despite...

Twitter unveils Special “Bharat” emoji for Salman Khan’s New Film

Salman Khan's latest film "Bharat" is set to release on Eid 2019 (June 5) an Twitter has unveiled new emoji for the fans who...

Google’s New Algorithm Can Create Original Content From Webpages

Google has recently published research of a new algorithm generates “coherent” articles by taking yours and competitor’s web pages in the account. It can also answer a...

Reason Behind Binny Bansal’s Unanticipated Exit From Flipkart Is Disclosed

Binny Bansal is accused of “serious personal misconduct,” and sexual harassment against him following an independent investigation made him step down from the Flipkart...

Why is email marketing still relevant for brands?

Email marketing is still an essential tool for brands in 2022. It's been around for many years, but it's still one of the most...
Sourabh Rana

Interview with Sourabh Rana, SEO Specialist.

About Sourabh Rana  Sourabh Rana is an SEO consultant and has worked on being like sites google panda and penguin. He has a proven track...
Social good for business

Introducing Facebook’s Social Good for Business Site

A few days back, Facebook introduced a new website, specifically built to offer resources and tools for businesses. As explained by the social media...
Microsoft Cortana will be decoupled from Windows

Microsoft’s Cortana Will Decouple Into A Separate App In Windows Store

Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant, created for Windows 10, Microsoft Band, Android, iOS, Amazon Alexa and more will now be made available as a separate...
Facebook to delete 1 million accounts ahead lok sabha elections 2019

Facebook Introduces Out Two New Ad Types of Interactive Mobile Ads

Facebook is giving marketers two new types of interactive ads, including AR ads and video poll ads. Video Poll Ads Interactive ads are the future now. So,...

Pinterest Introduces New Dynamic Creative Ad Process

Pinterest introduced its new Dynamic Creative automated ad targeting and creation process which enables advertisers to automated ad targeting process based on user behaviors....
Facebook new Tool

Facebook Testing New Tool That Allows Photo Transfer To Other Platforms

Facebook has been seen testing a new tool that will allow users to transfer their videos and photos to other platforms. At the moment...