Instagram now Allow Users Can Add Hashtags & Profile Links in Bios

instagram updates

Instagram recently had added two new features to make the users profile more visible. Now the users will be able to add hashtags and links to their bios. “With hashtag and profile links in your bio, you can express yourself and your interests right in your profile.

Once you add hashtags to your bio it will become a live link that leads to a hashtag page or another profile.

How to Add Hashtags to Instagram Bio

Users can add a hashtag or profile link in their bio by clicking on ‘Edit Profile’ button and add a #(Hashtag) or @(at the rate) in bio section to create live links for a hashtag page or another profile. Instagram will show a list of recommended hashtags and accounts in the typeahead when users type a # or @ in their bio. Once the users choose the hashtags and accounts they want, they will automatically be linked to their bio.


According to a report from famous tech website “TechCrunch”, Instagram is also looking to add voice and video calling features in the near future


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