Soon Facebook On Prototyping “Unsend” Feature To Your messenger


Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook broke the news by adding another feature into its bucket. Facebook, the leading giant, was in the news this April, as per the sources confirmed to TechCrunch that some of Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook messages retracted from recipient’s inboxes. However, the report saw as a breach of user credence and mishandling of power by Facebook.

Facebook’s Instagram and Whatsapp already have unsend button to delete the messages not only in your chat box but also the recipients’ inbox. But the Facebook Messenger doesn’t have an Unsend button to delete fired off messages. The next morning, Facebook unexpectedly announced about the Unsend functionality would be built for everyone. It has been six months, and there’s no information about the Unsend feature.

Facebook released a statement to TechCrunch“Though we have nothing to announce today, we have previously confirmed that we intend to ship a feature like this and are still planning to do so.” after been asked for its progress.

Later, Mobile researcher and Tipster Jane Manchun Wong released screenshots of Facebook messenger Unsend prototype from Messenger Android code. “Unsend Message” appears above the “Delete Message” as per the prototype. When an unsend message is selected, a pop-up appears to confirm the choice displaying “Your message will be removed from the chat, and you.” Ms. Wong also stated that there would be a time limit feature, but did not disclose about the time limit of the Unsend feature. It appears like Gmail’s “Undo Send” that gives a 30-second window.

A spokesperson asked about the progress and time taking process to develop the feature. They said, “Facebook internally tests products and features before they ship to the public so we can ensure the quality of the experience.”

Unsend functionality is useful to the people who mistakenly sent the message, thinks that’s an inappropriate or unintentional message what they have sent to the recipient or secrets, etc., something which they fired off by sending the messages. This feature can help the users to chat freely among themselves.

The Unsend feature also faces not so brighter side of the phase. It might have considerable latitude in abusing or harassing people over messages and later on deleting the proof. Facebook needs to ensure that this feature does not become a tool to the bullies. Facebook messenger need to add the functionality that might turn off the chat abilities and create a thread for report button.

Instagram, Whatsapp and SnapChat like features also do have Unsend message button but they are the fun way to send emojis, gifs, sharing photos with close friends, etc., but if these chats prone to the abusive and harassing messages, users might lose the reliability or confidant towards the Messaging apps. Eventually, messengers positioned themselves with a center to communicate with the world.


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