5 Content Marketing Myths That Holds You Back


Content Marketing is evolving, and with evolution comes changes. Changes that are sometimes are misinterpreted or overreacted by marketers. And when something like this happens, myths follow behind it. These kinds of myths generally have just a tiny bit of truth and rest are made up things.

Keeping that in mind, let’s have a look at some of these myths and the truth behind them:

#1 Content Speaks For Itself

Myth: If your content doesn’t attract the audience, then it means, you are not producing enough content or your content isn’t good.

Content Marketing Myths

Truth: There is no substitute of content as content is still the king and it will always be for the foreseeable time. But that doesn’t mean that you ignore the fact that ‘more’ is good or ‘better’ is better. You need to understand that amplification and distribution also plays an important role in marketing success. The best content might fail if there is no support from other channels.

#2 Seo Is Dead

Myth: Old-time SEO tactics no longer work, such as keyword stuffing or amassing low-quality backlinks for your site, are a waste of time. So you should stop competing for organing ranking.

Content Marketing Myths

Truth: Seo still lives and will live for the time being. It’s true that the search engine has evolved a lot, as google keeps updating the algorithm every now and then, but with each update, google focuses on landing the user in such a website that will give him rich and engaging content in one place. Which simply means giving the right amount of quality content to rank on organic search.

#3 RIP Facebook for Organic Result

Myth: Mark Zuckerberg is seemingly present in front of congress every day, explaining some issue that Facebook pulled itself in, old people are slowly leaving it. Facebook might be a great tool for marketing strategies for social media but not for content marketing.

Content Marketing Myths

Truth: It’s true that people have stopped using Facebook as they used to do, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad place to market your content. Facebook is still the biggest social media platform. leaving an empty page or a page with no activity might lead to a bad impression about your brand for the audience.

#4 More Content is Better Content

Myth: Content, Content, Content….. put your content everywhere, and it shall bring you success.

Content Marketing Myths

Truth: Though there is some truth to this, content is required everywhere. But that doesn’t mean you put it anywhere you see fit. Pushing out good bits of content in a strategic way is the best bet here. People see a vast amount of bad content every day, that’s where your content needs to outshine others.

#5 More Marketing Technology, More Money

Myth: Technology solves everything, so marketing technology solves marketing.

Content Marketing Myths

Truth: great tech used properly can benefit you a lot. Using technology is useless if you don’t have a good marketing strategy or don’t know how to execute the plan. Also, it’s common for people to underestimate how hard it can be to learn any technology and then implement it perfectly. Technology can help you personalise content and deliver it the best way possible.


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