2018 Nostalgia- Globetrotting The Success And Trending Stories


Twenty Eighteen is ending within a few days, and it is just like yesterday we all wished each one New Year with hoping for a positive kick start. The year 2018 is a roller coaster ride to all the spheres and isn’t a great start. But 2018 will be remembered which overshadowed the bleak incidents which shook the world.

If we globe trot into the past everything became a talk of the sensation; from a perfect stranger to celebrities, everyone came into limelight for many reasons, and social media platforms bulged with trending hashtags, articles, YouTube videos, politics, science and many more.

Take a flight into this blog to check out the whole pack of what’s most browsed in Google made every name affluent and pooled in glory.

#1. Top Most Read Articles Of 2018

The blog brings you- what marketers have been reading and talking about the whole year to be in the top of industry trends?

How people stack up by evaluating for mobile page speed

When surveyed about the amount of time most people will wait for a mobile page to load before going back to the other searching sites is hard ‘Three Seconds’. Over 10 million mobile ads landing pages around the globe takes 15 seconds to get the page load. Majority of the elements were bloated with too many unnecessary elements.

The data shows that most of the web traffic comes from the mobile which and the conversion rates are lower than the desktop. Being in the 4G world and testing the 5G still the majority of the mobile sites are slow and ballooned with too many elements.

How information drives market and helps you act at the right time

The foremost job what a marketer is looking into the search engine is to know their audience, being in the shoes of the customers, understanding how your service and product were satisfying the customers or clients. To stay live in the floating market what one is looking at right now is designing the products as per their needs and disclosing them at the right time.

Why is it necessary to change from Human against the machine to Human and Machine as an asset

Who dreamt one day we all will be talking over phones and face timing with our people?! The electric generation world made everything possible. The era of Human versus Machine is getting faded now started to integrate man intelligence with machine smartness.

What not to do to make the customer smile with your market presence

Delivering exceptional customer experiences is a definite cake walk. Finding the loopholes and tweak a bit makes you cinch in the market for sure.

The ‘Don’t Want’ by Customers

  • Annoying ads
  • Irrelevant landing pages
  • Lumbersome checkout process

Googling about ‘Me’. Taking the search for personal motivation

People do a lot of ‘all ‘bout me stuff’. Yes. Millions of people search notions like ‘Which hairstyle suits me?’, ‘Which dog is best for me?’, ‘What should I do to stay fit?’ and many more personal care stuff.

Google’s ‘near me’ is the most contextual text used by millions of users.

#2. Most popular and trending Entertainment stories Google in 2018

2018 is a fantastic year for cinephiles and musicophiles. From Hollywood to Indian cinema everything became trendsetters and money spinners.

Google’s 2018- Nickelodeon

Avengers: Infinity War, Deadpool 2 and Black Panther swept all the box office records and their records keeping the hype going on. Indian cinema is no less compared to the Hollywood industry. India’s anti-sci-fi Robot 2.0 became the most searched movie in Google smashing the records of India movies.

Google’s 2018- Music

Louis Fonsi’s’ Despacito, Camila Cabello from Hollywood remained in the top charts. From South Geeta Govindam music tracks stayed as the most searched music breaking all the records.


Well, social media is all about hashtags and trends. This year we came across more with celebs marriage and #metoo moments. From Megan Markle to Priyanka’s marriage social media is buzzed with the news. From bridal couture to post marriage attires, every tiny accessory was in the spotlight making everyone go envy on them.

#KikiChallenge became a stupendously famous and backlashes for its dare to challenge themes making people risk the lives.

India became a most searched country. Indian government took a prominent and delicate decision on LGBTQ marriages under section 377. World’s largest statue was unveiled in India called ‘Statue of Unity’ in Gujarat. Most importantly young Malayalam actress Priya Varrier’s wink video shook the internet with most views.

#MeToo movement is not lessened in the social media day by day it remained the most talk part in the social media disclosing the abusive nature of many biggies and famous celebs.

#3. Most googled books of 2018

Indian-American author ‘Rupi Kaur’ became the most searched author in the year 2018. George RR Martin’s Fire and Blood and Becoming Michelle Obama are the top searched books in Google.

#4. Most searched Travelling Destinations of 2018

The more you globe trot, the more you realize there’s so much to explore in the world. This year some of the countries remained as the leading destinations to travel with friends, families, and solo.

Italy, Maldives, Mauritius, Croatia, San Francisco, Trek to the Royal Highlander Festival in Laya — the highest settlement in Bhutan and a few maintained its position in Google search.

#5. Most downloaded Applications of 2018 in Google

Remember Pokemon Go, the craziest gaming app ever used by half of the world’s population. It tasted some bitter moments because of risking their lives, but it stood as the topmost game still in the charts. Another game app which became the current trend is PUBG. Other gaming apps like Clash of Clans, N.O.V.A Legacy, etc.,

Apart from gaming applications, other apps used are , HEIMDALL PARENTAL CONTROL, Netflix, Amazon prime, and Hotstar.

Internet became essential as oxygen for life. Without it, we cannot imagine how life goes on. The current trends, fashion, happy and sad emotions everything is made known to the world with the help of search engine and social media. The internet revolution is no surprise for us, every itsy-bitsy thing are made known to us, and there is every solution to the questions we punch on the search engine.

Hope this article helps you to travel back to all the trending stories of 2018. I know it’s hate to say goodbye to it because of the impression it created. Wish 2019 will be more and crazier than 2018.


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