Snapchat To Rework On Its Public Snaps Making Them Permanent

Multimedia Messaging app, Snapchat which is popular for disappearing photos and videos may get alterations by making public posts permanent by Snap Inc Developers. The change what they are trying to make is a contrasting factor of what Snapchat is known for.

The change would imprint a big move in the Snapchat effort to draw and keep a large number of users by making content shared publicly through “Our Story” feature. The initiate according to the company might create a new revenue source saving from user base shrink.

Snapchat, launched in 2011 became an instant hit among millennials and teenagers, has the possibility to taste strong criticism from users who care for privacy, especially knowing about the Facebook plagued by scandals over privacy issues.

The company has extended the life of public stories, but making them last longer means to reveal more about the users who create them. Is this change damaging the privacy of users?

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As per Reuters has not released any official comments regarding the changes to the Snap and declined to comment. As per the reports, Snapchat has been under pressure as investors probe its plan to reach profitability.

Hope, Snap Inc comes further to announce about the flying rumors of altering feature publicly.