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With lockdown still ongoing in most of the cities, Social media giants continue to roll out updates for users. Let’s look at some major updates released in recent weeks.


Facebook announced recently that its new Messenger Rooms will be available for all the users worldwide. Messenger Rooms offers users a video chat platform that can host more than 50 users at a time in a chat room. In addition to that, users will be able to see active rooms from their friends, on top of their Facebook feeds and they can join these chat rooms if they are interested.

Facebook users can also access Messenger Rooms from Facebook groups and events. This feature was first released last week to users in Australia, for testing out the feature among limited users.

Facebook also announced that they have acquired GIPHY, famously known for hosting gifs. GIPHY takes on more than 500 million users every day. Facebook mentioned that they will be bringing Instagram and GIPHY teams together.

Official Statement from Facebook:


LinkedIn rebrands its editorial team to LinkedIn News this week. The team at the moment has more than 75 staff members who work from 15 different regions.

Official Statement from Daniel Roth, LinkedIn News VP:

LinkedIn mentioned that aside from regular updates related to businesses, LinkedIn news will also be managing trending news listing, LinkedIn Lists, and much more.


Instagram officially launched the option that allows its users to share Instagram broadcasts to IGTV. Starting last week, this option will be available for all users worldwide. Users will be able to save videos from their Live broadcasts to their IGTV which should allow followers to view them as long they want.

Before this update, users were able to see these broadcasts, only while they were ‘Live’. But with the recent update, it should help creators to build their IGTC library.

But the update also comes with some setbacks:

  • Instagram explained that these live videos won’t include any comments or likes from the live broadcast when it went live.
  • The view count will also reset once you add the broadcast to your IGTV.
  • Creators can’t edit these videos once they add them to IGTV.


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