360 degree review of Flipkart’s social networks


The technology savoir-faire is how one can define today’s twenty first century with gizmo freaks and tech savvy people all around. Today’s push button age runs online. Shopping is what excites most of the people but, no more of lurking shopping-malls and street shops to find what you intend for. E-commerce websites have proven to be a boon for all the shopping maniacs. Convenient and advantageous, you can surf the website and order what you liked; it is that easy. Flipkart is touted to be India’s most favorite e-commerce store. It takes uphill struggle and hard slog to reach such a stature that Flipkart has attained. Not easy but not even impossible. This e-commerce website had invested intellect, smartness and an astute approach to carve out a prospect that can help in establishing the repute and goodwill of the website. Currently, it is topping the graph charts and is extremely popular in the country.


An Indian e-commerce company, it was commenced in 2007. It has not even been a decade and Flipkart has accomplished such a repute and faith around the country, it is praiseworthy. Recently, Flipkart also launched its own product range titled as “DigiFlip” that manufactures gadget’s and laptop bags. It is a colossal leap for the store.

Flipkart’s stratagem:

Flipkart has a very wisely planned social media strategy. The brand knows what social media is intended for and it encompasses almost all the judicious moves to garner sales and keep its customers in high spirits. The main focus is entirely directed towards customer satisfaction. Flipkart believes that to retain the stature and stay in the industry, it is customer service that would facilitate them to reach the zenith. People keep spurting how prompt and swift the deliveries of Flipkart’s products are. There is a separate page that Flipkart boasts wherein it exhibits the telltales of all the contended customers. And it is perhaps, amid a few brands that are dynamically using Google Plus and other social networks as well. Way to go! Let’s have a look at the stratagem Flipkart boasts and what it lacks:

Flipkart on Facebook:

The Facebook page of Flipkart is undemanding and responsive. The team that governs the page enthusiastically works out all the complaints that are posted on the page with an impressive Custom Tab exclusively for customer support. It is a judicious move by the brand wherein customers can communicate with the brand and it is dynamically active.


However, there is one thing which lacks. The content strategy of the brand would lead them to a low engagement rate. There are more than a million members on the page but the posts are mostly self-promotional. The page lacks fascinating content which must be worked upon. Coming on the appreciative side, the team that handles the cover photos, whether it focuses on festivities or birthdays, they have an admiring creative team that generates fascinating cover photos. Content strategy is jammed which should be worked upon.

Flipkart on Twitter:


Facebook might be modestly bummer but when it comes to the social stratagem on Twitter, the team is enthusiastically working quite well. The engagement rate is great; there are graciously responsive communicative tweets that have helped to persuade a lot of people. Almost certainly, Flipkart has the largest Twitter community amid the e-commerce sector. They actively talk with their followers and entertain informal communiqué as well. Competitor brands must take down notes from them. Hats-off!

Flipkart on YouTube and Google Plus:


It is an e-commerce brand that comes up with entertaining and interesting TVCs. Appreciative indeed!


Fairly active on Google Plus, it possesses a community with more than 12k people. Google Plus users are quite vacillating but the team handling it involves in a decent sociable rejoinder.

Therefore, Flipkart is amongst those e-commerce brands that have a fair understanding on how to use social media and form wise strategies. An uphill struggle on content strategy and no one can stop them to reach the acme.


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