Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Invests In IoT Startup Ambee

Aishwaray Rai invests in IoT startup Ambee

Bollywood diva and Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan along with her mother Vrinda have invested Rs 50 Lakh each in Bengaluru-based IoT and environmental intelligence startup Ambee. Another investor Rajan Anandan, has also invested in the company. Total investment has pumped up to INR 3.22 Crores.

Ambee, over the last seven months, has raised equity funds from multiple investors like Techstars Bengaluru, Shekhar Kamal Lodha HUF, Touchstone Venture LLP, and Motivated Minds Wealth LLP.

The IoT startup Ambee is founded by Akshay Joshi, Jaideep Singh, and Madhusudan Anand in 2017. The startup provides information about hyperlocal air quality that is accessible to consumers, health, researchers, consumers, and media companies.

The portal utilizes proprietary data and analytics to help users make decisions or take precautions in a situation of severe environmental crisis.

The data includes sensor data, traffic data, weather patterns, the ratio of diesel to petrol vehicles, garbage burning, and more.

In December 2018, the startup raised an undisclosed amount from Venture Catalysts and others. These funds were aimed to power up its technology and introduce products across markets.

As per the World Health Organization (WHO) report, 14 out of 20 cities are most polluted in the world, and over 15% of indoor environments in North America, Europe, Japan, Australia, and India are estimated to be affected more.

Indian startups like Clairco, Chakr Innovation, Phoenix and more are finding investors who are interested in solving India’s energy and pollution issues.

Over the past few years, Bollywood celebrities are marking their names in the businesses by investing in the technology space, and even a few of them turned as full-time entrepreneurs. Interestingly some of them have donned as angel investors as well.


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