AutumnGrey develops a real-time tracker for Covid19 specially made for every part of India

corona update

At a time when the world is dealing with a global pandemic, it is the duty and responsibility of every individual, community, and organization to do their bit to help in the fight against a common enemy.

As an agency with specialized expertise in tracking and utilizing real time data, AutumnGrey saw a huge increase in people’s need to track statistics and information about Covid19 in real-time. While several platforms, publishers and individuals immediately jumped to the cause, there were gaps in these initial solutions that left much to be desired.

The Coronavirus Update website conceptualized, developed and deployed completely in-house by Autumn Grey has several unique features to address the needs of the Indian populace. Immediately on landing, the website serves data and statistics specific to the region of the visitor accessing it. Additionally, a visitor will be able to see an embedded stream of tweets from government bodies in their region to stay updated on the latest advisories relevant to them. Last but not least, the website has been developed in 10 different languages from across the country, which can also be activated automatically basis the user’s location.

Talking about the platform, Anusha Shetty, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, GREY group, said “Fake news has been the world’s problems on many fronts, including news on the Corona virus. At a time like this, when we need to keep positivity at its peak this site with validates information is a blessing. More so, served in local languages for our diverse India. I am proud of my team for making a small difference in this challenging phase”

The data on the platform is only updated using the data made available by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and is therefore verified data exported into a much more user-friendly interface.

The combination of unique features custom-built for India and verifiable data are what make this platform a potent medium for information access and real-time updates for people across the country.

Link to the platform:


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