Top 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Networks

best affiliate marketing networks in india

The concept of affiliate marketing encompasses the idea of involving individuals to drive sales and growth in your enterprise through brand advocacy. As sellers are keener to rely on efficient brand advocates or associates than the company itself, affiliate marketing instills a spirit of trust and faith in them. It will be impossible to materialize your affiliate marketing efforts without proper networks. By playing the intermediary platform between affiliate marketers and creators of the product, affiliate marketing networks reach out to numerous customers across the globe. Check out the following article for a detailed discussion of the 10 leading affiliate marketing websites.


With 17 years of experience in affiliate marketing, Clickbank promises to be one of the best affiliate marketing networks. It happens to be the biggest online retailer featuring an enormous library of almost 6-million products. With digitized information on each of these products, Clickbank is capable of reaching out to almost 200-million customers across the globe.

EBay Partner Network 

Most of the marketers are completely unaware of eBay’s affiliate marketing network. With over 20 years of online presence, eBay serves as one of the most effective and functional affiliate marketing networks. Its affiliate marketing suite, the eBay Partner Network offers perfect tracking and reporting alongside offering first-class marketing tools.


Building a strong and trustworthy relationship with your brand advocates will prove to be your success mantra in the long run. With Rakuten, you will have the opportunity of going steady with your affiliate marketing partners. As the cumulative effect, your brand partners will develop faith and trust in your products, thus popularizing them even more efficiently.


VigLink is another notable name in this list. With an extensive database of useful marketing content, this affiliate marketing tool helps publishers in scanning the content in real-time as well as adding links to the relevant keywords present in it. In a nutshell, VigLink promotes contextual advertising, thus driving huge sales.


Another revered name in this list happens to be ShareASale. With a vast network of over 4000 merchants, ShareASale features amongst the leading affiliate marketing tools. By offering distinguished metrics on every offer, this particular software initiates proper comparisons between offers.

Commission Junction

If you happen to be amongst those publishers wishing their products to get shortlisted by publishers, Commission Junction will prove to be the best option for them. Its intense network of innovative bloggers along with a self-service platform extends complete support while scaling affiliate marketing efforts. 

Effective affiliate marketing websites can take your business to unsurpassed heights. And that is what does for you. By establishing a mutually beneficial relationship between trustworthy and skilled marketers and over 5000 advertisers, the software ensures great product marketing across industry verticals.

Amazon Associates 

The brand Amazon clearly does not require any introduction. And the brand has been in the affiliate marketing arena for quite some time now. Amazon’s affiliate marketing network, the Amazon Associates, offers you umpteen opportunities of tapping into innumerable products. Additionally, you can also advertise these products to consumers across the world.


As one of the best affiliate marketing technologies, AvantLink proves to be an effective platform for affiliate referrals. The site undergoes constant change and upgradation, thus offering high-quality marketing experience.


If you trade in digital products and sell them on the virtual platform, RevenueWire will prove to be the best option for you. As a global ecommerce platform uniquely designed according to your convenience, RevenueWire is capable of meeting the affiliate marketing requirements of numerous products. With industry-leading marketing channels such as AffiliateWire, this particular tool caters to the marketing needs of over 120 countries.

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