Chinese Tech Giant Xiomi Eager To Work With Indian Start-ups

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India has been the key market for any organization across the globe and in terms of mobile users India holds it position on number two. Xiomi has been competing very hard and now evolved as the dark horse of the present scenario. With successfully closing more than $1 billion funding the management team of Xiomi has revealed the fact that they are looking forward to work with Indian start-ups in mobile technology, content strategy, aggregation and evolving devices oriented towards likes and dislikes of Indian customers. The company has already started the conversation with few start-ups in India and strategy formulation has been already started by the team of Xiomi and these start-ups for upcoming endeavors of the company in Indian Market.

Xiomi has clearly defined its objectives and the company is not resting its roots in just smart phone maker segment but also exploring mobile technology and e-commerce industry. The company has invested in many Chinese start-ups for some innovative technologies like smart light bulbs, fitness brand and video site. Xiomi with its rigorous efforts has now become $45 billion company and has formulated big plans for Indian market in 2015. The company has been able to set up its own MIUI skin, which is a step higher system than Google’s android system. Due to its own MIUI store the company has been able to develop some of the most effective applications in a cost-effective manner for the individual’s diversified needs.

Overcoming the controversies like ban on Xiomi smartphones in India the company has now uplifted itself and the management team is able to develop the launch strategy of different services like Mi TV, Mi Band and router for enabling home automation. The company has also done tie-ups with big giants like Flipkart and Airtel to launch its products and services along with its own e-commerce website with a name of to reach the customers in an effective manner. To give the additional boost to its proposed services the company has also formulated strategies to establish more than 100 service centers to provide better after sales service to the customers.

The operations will be pumped up with the inception of a huge office in Bengaluru that will be dedicated for the research and development operations of the company for Indian market. This is the first research and development office of the company outside China that will be dedicatedly working on developing effective softwares in ten different languages and phone themes in addition to other products the company is planning for. The company has also approached to the so far evolved MIUI fan community, which has grown in a significant manner to beta-test the products for higher efficiency in diversified and typical situation. The vision of this plan is not restricted to just Indian market but on the later stage it will be a centre of business development for other parts of south East Asia and Brazil.


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