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Darwinbox HR System – One integrated platform for all your HR needs

Darwin box HRMS
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Cloud Computing is increasing the productivity of the business ecosystem while increasing flexibility, reducing the ownership cost besides other benefits. Having shifted to cloud-based enterprise solutions, companies have a lot of benefits to the HR operations leading to better efficiency. The HR function in organizations of today is changing rapidly by adapting to the ever-changing pace of technology. Cloud HRMS software is a sure shot way of saving your time, resources and cutting costs. If you have an efficient  HRMS, you can grasp your human assets and productive hours to enhance your business and don’t have to concentrate on tedious paperwork and data management. 


Darwinbox HR is an end-to-end integrated HR system with the core HR processes modules like leaves, attendance, documents, Payroll, Recruitment etc., aid in streamlining activities across the employee lifecycle right from Hire to Retire. While keeping them engaged and inspired with new age employee engagement and performance modules.

Darwin box HRMS

Founded in 2015 Darwin Box HR system is built with a clear focus on simplifying all HR processes for the enterprise on the other. It is an integrated system which encompasses all  HR core functions on one platform. Let us have a sneak peek into these functions which makes Darwinbox the best HRMS software

#1 Recruitment


A recruitment module should handle all your authorization processes and form filling, support online documentation, offer applicant tracking and initial shifting. Some of the standard features of recruitment are applicant tracking, resume parsing, social media interface, standard metrics and analytics for candidate profiles and customized pipelines for different roles.

#2 Payroll Management


Payroll is a method of managing employees’ salaries in an organization. The primary process consists of a calculation of employee tax deductions and wages, administering employee benefits and payment of fees. Cloud-based payroll software can be effectively managed and will let the user relish greater accessibility. One can control and modify specific settings to ensure the right people have access to the entire data. The important features to be considered while using Darwin Box payroll software are:

  • Compliance
  • Employee access
  • Reporting tools
  • Tax forms
  • Invoices and quotes

#3 Easy tracking of Time and Attendance


Time and attendance capturing is a fundamental part of any HR system. It plays a vital role in payroll preparation, resource allocation for various shifts, locations, as well as productivity analysis. In today’s scenario, flexible timing, gig workforce, and many other unique situations are becoming a norm. To cater to these needs, there should be an easy time and attendance tracking that could help you through attendance planning and time management of your employees. It also helps in eliminating errors due to manual handling of data. Now you can consolidate data from multiple devices, personalize leave types and create timesheets with ease.

#5 Workforce Management

workforce management

Workforce management is one of the most critical functions in Darwin Box cloud HRMS software. It helps in scheduling and shift management, workflow monitoring, management dashboard with metrics and real-time data.

#6 Talent management

Talent management

Focusing on recognizing the individual’s potential and performance mapping, this module will empower your organization to set up talent channels with specific roles and succession planning in mind. Links to learning and development, recruitment and performance management should be robust. Some of the standard features also include alignment with companies strategic business goals, reward benchmarking (internal and external), identification of career paths and individual career planning.

#7 HR analytics

HR analytics provides strong reporting capabilities in the form of libraries of HR metrics and benchmarks while analyzing the data gathered and stored in the system. It can also be used to provide predictive and strategic insights that can be used to counsel the business strategy of the organization.

Darwinbox provides all your HR processes under this one cloud platform that engages and empowers employees. It also helps in managing the complete employee lifecycle through this platform giving you the best experience.

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