Facebook Adds New Tools to Support Small Businesses Amid COVID-19

Facebook Tools

Facebook has been testing some tools for a month now that were mean to help small businesses recover during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now on the official Instagram blog, Facebook announced three different tools that will help small businesses generate some income during this ongoing crisis.

These new tools are Gift Cards, Food Orders, and Fundraisers. These are built specifically for Instagram stories and profiles so people can discover these things easily on Instagram and support the businesses they love.

Official Statement from Instagram:

Facebook took this step amid this pandemic to support businesses that had to close their physical stores to avoid the spread of the virus. These eCommerce tools should be able to recover businesses such as restaurants and other retail shops, will be able to recover some of their losses. Although this tool won’t be much helpful for businesses that offer services to their customers.

Facebook urges everyone on Instagram to share these stickers in their stories to spread the news.  And they have promised to keep working on more features and tools that can help small businesses in the future as well.


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