Facebook adds un-send feature to its Messenger app


Facebook is now giving you 10 minutes to unsend the message you have sent. 

facebook unsend

The company released a statement saying this was a feature the Facebook Messenger team had been working on for all users. If that statement is indeed true then it sure has taken them a long time to roll out a feature that they had allegedly already been working on. In any case, Facebook has officially announced that the feature is now rolling out to users who are using the latest version of the app (for both iOS and Android). The feature seems to work just like it does on WhatsApp as you’re given the option to delete a message just for you or delete a message for everyone.

This has to be done within 10 minutes of the message being sent, so you’ll need to be quick about it. Since WhatsApp is under the same umbrella as Facebook Messenger, they may already be prepared for these bugs, but that doesn’t mean others won’t be found.


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