Facebook And Its Popularity

source: - cdn2.business2community.com

Facebook has been able to make leading position amidst the other social networking platforms and is considered to be one of the effective social media platform by business holders to promote their marketing strategies. But, if we considered the stats then it can be concluded that business professionals use LinkedIn over Facebook for reaching out their business partners, vendors and suppliers. According to a study it is concluded that in Asia Pacific region more than 70 percent adults are using Facebook over Pinterest that holds a share of 25 percent, Instagram that is slightly behind with 23 percent and Twitter that is lacking behind with 20 percent. This percent share clearly depicts that these social media platforms need strategies to attract users and keep them intact with enhanced experience and features.
Snapchat that is attracting many business professionals for advertising by offering cost effective deals to promote their business can challenge Facebook in a significant manner. Price tag is the concern for many social media platforms but, along with this Snapchat provides digital marketers with accustomed and sophisticated tracking tools that helps in analyzing the current status of a marketing campaign in respective industry.

source: - cdn2.business2community.com
source: – cdn2.business2community.com

Facebook team is constantly working for new innovations and in this respect the management team has launched a pilot application that is termed as Facebook at Work. This app aims to promote business professionals in creating their own group with employees. Employers have the flexibility to create separate log-in id’s for the employees or they can link their employees id’s with their own personal profile with one point of access. This application is launched to compete with other enterprise products like Convo, Slack and Yammer. At current stage there is no promotion or monetization for the application but, as the competition is tough, Facebook has to come up with interesting deals for the business professionals to acquire market share in a significant manner.



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