Facebook Announces Data Usage Check-Up Process to Fight Data Misuse

Facebook Data Usage Check Up

Facebook recently announced a new yearly ‘Data Use Checkup’ process, that is introduced to fight potential data misuse. They mentioned that every app that uses facebook’s API will be tested using this feature.

Facebook’s Official Statement:

Facebook Data Usage Check Up

Every developer that is enrolled in testing has to complete this request for every app that uses Facebook’s API within 60 days, otherwise they might lose API access. At this moment, the testing is limited since Facebook is trying to avoid putting pressure on organizations amid this COVID-19 outbreak. But with time, all apps will be required to submit for this check once a year. This step is necessary to check whether they are misusing Facebook’s data or not. Every app developer needs to compliant with Facebook’s agreements if they want to keep using their API.

This new process is an advanced version of Facebook’s already implemented App Review System. This tool will act as a self-service tool that every developer will be required to undertake to keep their access to Facebook’s API.

Facebook has been pretty active lately with all the new changes like the one above. One other important update from Facebook came this week. Facebook has taken legal action against those who violate its terms and conditions, specifically the company ‘LeadCloak’ that is using ad cloaking to re-direct its users. Facebook mentioned that LeadCloak’s software is users to cloak websites that feature scams related to COVID-19, pharmaceuticals or fake news pages.

Facebook’s stand towards this:

Facebook Data Usage Check Up


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