Facebook Expands Access and Monetization Opportunities in Rights Manager

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In a recent announcement, Facebook revealed that they would be adding more ways for creators to track and monetize content on both, Instagram and Facebook. According to Facebook, these steps are taken to help creators earn money and build a stronger business on their platform. With these new changes to Rights Manager on Facebook, creators can now claim ownership of duplicate content and claim the ad revenue of the content that belongs to them.

Creators will need to use the Rights Manager to set new match rules that will help them detect duplicate content when its posted on either platform. Once it is found, creators can claim the ad revenue using the tool. But first, the admins will need to submit an application in Rights Manager for the original content they want to protect from duplication.

Facebook has expanding the availability of Rights Manager to more creators on the platforms, which will help more users to collect ad revenue from duplicate content in videos that include in-stream ads.

The platform has also added filters to identify monetizable matches and guides to understand how to find such opportunities, export reports and eventually claim the ad revenue. The creators will also have the ability to add an ownership link on the duplicate videos.

Facebook is also expanding the access of in-stream ads to more locations such as Egypt, Iraq, Morocco & Turkey. The in-stream program was earlier available to 45 countries. All pages who are eligible from these locations can join the program and monetize videos that are eligible.

While this seems like the right step towards claiming the right to content on the platform, we’ll have to wait and see if it actually benefits the original creators or turns into something similar like copy strikes from YouTube.


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