Facebook Gives More Option to Make Money for Content Creators

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Facebook is introducing new tools that allow content creators to monetize their content in different ways.

Apart from new Ad revenue opportunities, the platform is providing creators with more opportunities to earn money directly from other users.

Here are new ways to make money from Facebook

Ad Revenue Opportunities

Apart from traditional In-stream ads, Creators can now opt to show only pre-roll or image ads in a video. This will give more choices to creators when it comes to the placement of ads. 

Previously, creators could not choose where to insert ads into a video. Facebook would automatically select an ideal ad break based on the viewer and type of content.

facebook new ad revenue

Revenue Directly from Users

Facebook is also testing a new feature “Facebook Stars”. This is a  tipping feature currently in use for gaming streams, which is now being expanded to a small group of video creators. Viewers can purchase packs of 100 Stars for $1.40, and streamers will get 1 cent per Star sent during live streams. For fans who want even more access, Facebook is testing paid, supporter-only groups for monthly subscribers, which let them connect with creators in a more private space.

facebook stars


New Features in Creator Studio

Facebook is also adding some new features to Creator Studio:

Monetization Overview:

Now you will be able to see and manage all monetization products in one place.

Instagram and IGTV Integration:

Insights, content management, and publishing tools for both Instagram feed posts and IGTV are being brought to Creator Studio.

Audience and Retention Insights:

Facebook is adding new insights to help video creators better understand demographics, viewing behaviours, audience interests, as well as how long people are watching their videos.


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