Facebook Messenger Rolls Out Dark Mode Interface For Users


Last year Facebook was in the news for testing dark mode interface for its users. The wait is over. Facebook is now rolling out ‘Dark Mode’ for its users.

Finally, all Messenger app for Android and iOS users can access the OLED black theme (or dark mode).

Enabling of Dark Mode feature

The feature is now rolling out is a cheeky trick, if users need to activate the black theme- You have to moon someone. Yes. It sounds strange, but that’s the trick. Sounds funny right.

The trick is simple. There is no need for setting required to on the feature; instead, it is present by default. A user needs to send someone or even themselves a ‘Crescent (half-moon)’ ☽ emoji in the chat thread. After sending the crescent emoji, message to the user saying that “you found Dark Mode!”. If the OLED black theme is not working, quit the messenger and again resend the emoji to the user to attain the Dark Mode theme. And at last, you need to go to the settings to toggle the feature. Go to your profile page, and it will be giving you the option to turn off or on the mode.

The feature is unfortunately not unveiled to many of the users, and it is limited to only selected countries. For some, it shows the work is in progress. Since it is OLED black, the true black interface looks pretty classy on iPhone X/XS.

Hope it is soon unveiled to all the users without any waiting.


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