Flock Rolls Out Email And Calendar Services For Businesses


Real-time messaging application Flock has launched new services called Flock Email and Calendar to assist conversations with hassle-free app interfaces for businesses.

Flock Email features:

  • Conversation threads
  • Video conferencing
  • Anti-virus
  • Desktop app

While Flock Calendar supports-

  • Meeting reminders
  • Meeting scheduler
  • Multiple Calendars
  • Shared Calendars

Bhavin, CEO & Founder said, “By expanding the Flock Suite, we will be supporting the underserved customers of companies like Google and Microsoft.”

Mumbai-based Flock is a real-time messaging, and collaboration app serves teams in a faster and more organized way to communicate. Founded by Bhavin Turakhia and Ayush Goel in 2014, it provides a one-on-one chat, public and private channels.

The app integrates with more than forty-third party apps like Google Drive, Trello, Asana, Github and more. The app got various features that support multiple purposes including Note sharing, Code Snippet sharing, shared To-do lists, and more by assisting businesses.

It is the first real-time messenger that supports multi-lingual platform in Russia, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The Startup has raised a total of $45M and competes with HipChat, Slack, and Avaamo.

The collaboration app’s new suite supports option to mute, snozze mails, undo send, one-click video calling, and request meetings. With the new feature, Flock Email allows teams to connect over 50 participants on video conferencing worldwide. It functions on a freemium pricing model.


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