Four Simple Ways to Get More Job Opportunities on LinkedIn


LinkedIn has become the most sought after social media platform for many people. People are now joining this widely spread platform not only to connect with people across the globe or build their business but also seek good job opportunities from popular and international employers.


It has become a popular job seeking platform for those who wish to rise above in their career ladder. However, just signing into your LinkedIn account and creating a generic profile won’t get your the desired results. Develop a profile keeping in mind what you wish to achieve with it and then see the success and responses you get. Here are a few effective steps that will help you achieve a profile that gets you more job opportunities.

Get More Connections

LinkedIn’s network stands at more than 332 million accounts with people joining the site every second. In such cases it is essential that you build your connections as much as possible before your accounts gets lost in the bundle. The funda of any successful profile is the more the merrier, meaning that the more connection you have on your LinkedIn profile, the more visible you will be.


You can increase your chances to get second or third degree connection network on LinkedIn by:

  • Ensuring that your profile has a minimum of 500 connections
  • Targeting individuals with large number of connections

Place Summary Skill Section Correctly


Many of us keep our LinkedIn profile private which makes a recruiter only view the summary part of your profile along with the headline, education and name. In such cases, make sure you include all your skills within those first 50 letters of the summary section. Then your profile on LinkedIn should first mention your summary followed by your skill section, experience section and others, respectively.

Make your Contact Visible


Make sure that the top section of summary of your profile displays your name and contact information. If you prefer to have a private profile then make sure that the first 100 characters of your summary includes atleast your cell phone number or your email address. This will allow the recruiter to get in touch with you since your account is not completely visible. Also add some valuable information under “Contact for Career Opportunities” section.

Attach Your Resume


The last step to get in more job opportunities is to attach your resume on your LinkedIn profile. Since LinkedIn doesn’t really allow you to upload your resume, you need to create a link from Slideshare and upload it on your profile. Resumes in Word and PDF format to be uploaded from your computer cannot be viewed on LinkedIn which is why you need to create links for your resume to be there on your profile.

These effective ways will definitely get you more jobs and connections, hence accelerating your career path.




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