Go Viral With Twitter With these Easy to Follow Steps!!


Back in the days when viral copy report was first written, social media platforms like twitter didn’t even exist. Today, Twitter is platform that any web publisher would like to explore to gain maximum exposure for content.


Twitter is revolutionizing the way social networks spread information. Instead of blogging the links they are now shared via “micro-blogging service”. Publishers can either go for the conventional Google juice or blog links or can adapt to the innovative reality Twitter signifies.

Gain traffic on your website by getting your content “ReTweeted”, hence increasing your twitter followers. Explore these five factors that accelerate the chances of your content to spread virally on Twitter.

ReTweet Your Content

Every Twitter user wishes their readers to Re-tweet their content. The best way to convince your readers to take this action is to ask them. ReTweeting your content allows the readers to repost your call to action giving it their influence and credibility.


As per “ReTweet Mapper”, the most popularly call to action appearing in various ReTweeted messages is “please ReTweet”. Other common call to action appearing in ReTweeted Tweets are – Check out, Follow this person, Please Vote, Help me and Questions like What do you think of.

Timing of Your Tweets

Just like other forms of sharing viral content, ReTweeting also follows a time window when the sharing takes place more often.


The initial days of the business week i.e. Monday to Wednesday registers more ReTweeting than the rest of the days i.e. Thursday to weekend. ReTweeting also takes into consideration the time of the day. It is seen that most amount of ReTweets takes place between 9 am to 6 pm. So to get more ReTweets on your content, post it during this time frame.



Good news for the marketers – most of the ReTweets contains a link! ReTweeting allows them to spread their off-Twitter content making links a vital element to ReTweetable Tweets.

Social Proof

Social Proof is an important ingredient of viral sharing. Imitation is a natural tendency of all human beings, especially if they believe that others have better information. The probability of your tweet being ReTweeted increases every time your tweet is ReTweeted.

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Persuading or messaging others to ReTweet your content can increase the chances of ReTweetability. It is a powerful tool if well known users share your ReTweet your content as it gives your call to action their authority and credibility.


Social media gurus advice you to add some value in social media, however value is a very imprecise word to be known as a useful advice. Taking into account ReTweets, value comes in many formats.


Various ReTweeted tweets illustrate the following value:

  • News, particularly breaking news
  • Instructional content
  • Contests and Freebies
  • Warnings

Got any more tactics for your content to be ReTweeted? Share it and Follow it to increase your Twitter followers and traffic.


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