Google adds two new Video Reports to the Search Console

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Google Search console is adding two new reports that provide site owners with more data on video search results. These reports will help users to find out more about how their videos are doing in search results. 

How your videos come in search results

There are three ways that searchers come across videos in Google:

  • The main search results page
  • The ‘Videos’ tab in search results
  • Suggested content in the Google Discover feed

Google will now report on the performance of video content in each of these three ways. 

Lets checkout two new video reports added in search console 

#1 Video Enhancement Reports

If you are using structured data to mark up in your videos you will now see a new report in Search Console called “Videos.”

video reports in search console

Video report will also show errors and warnings for markup implemented on your website like other search console reports. 

#2 Video Appearances in Performance Report

Google Search Console is extending its support for videos by showing the performance of videos in the main search results tab (type = web) and in the Discover feed (using the new “Videos” appearance).

video reports in search console-1

These new reports in Search Console are available now.



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