Google AdWords rolled out Reach Planner for YouTube Ads


Google AdWords has introduced a new tool called Reach Planner, which allows advertisers to forecast reach and frequency of ad units on YouTube. Reach Planner can also forecast performance across Google’s video partners. The tool will provide unique reach across all devices, for all audiences and video formats.

Reach Planner will also allow advertisers to forecast the reach and frequency of video campaigns on YouTube and across Google’s video partners, in over 50 countries. The tool will provide unique reach data across all devices, for all core audiences and video formats.

Step by Step Guide To Reach planning

#1 Choose your audience

Define your target customers. Then learn the most effective ways to reach them on YouTube.

#2 Find the right product mix.

Given your campaign objectives, Reach Planner will help you identify the right mix of products, based on the ad formats you have available and your plan’s budget.

#3 See your reach

In just a few clicks, you’ll see a reach curve, frequency, and other key metrics for the audience you defined. You can also make on-the-fly adjustments to flighting, targeting or other campaign inputs to see how these metrics change.



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