Google Changes the Look of Paid and Organic Search Results


Google recently released an update that included a new update for paid and organic Google search engine results for desktops. This update makes the look of search results more in-line with the mobile search results.

The new update design includes a more prominent Ad label for the paid results on the SERP. And the favicons are changed as well next to the organic results.

Here is Google’s Mockup:

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Paid Search Results Changes

The Ad results on google now show a bolded “Ad” label in black coloured text. Though Google says these labels are more promim=nent but early feedbacks from users suggest that they are having a hard time finding the paid results.

Here’s how the old paid results with Ad used to appear. You can see there was a small green coloured box a=containing the “Ad” text:

Google Changes the Look of Paid and Organic Search Results on Desktop

Changes to Organic Search Results

Just like the new paid results, Google has also moved the URL of the organic snippets above the title of the page and the colour is changed from green to black now.

One of the most prominent changes is the inclusion of favicons in the results, this is something that the site owner can now optimize for the desktop search results.

You might think these changes look familiar, that’s because Google released the same type of changes for mobile search results last year.


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