Google Enters Into Online Shopping With Its Shopping Platform In US

Google enters into online shopping with its shopping platform in US

Google finally made its Shopping platform live for users. It is now available for users in the United States.

Google previously declared that it does not have any intentions of entering into a retail business. In May, the company has announced its new personalized shopping suggestions for users.

Online retail is based on their web activity where it leads shoppers to purchase products via Google site, in-store, or a third-party retailer site.

Google even been testing the new online purchasing experience in selected markets like France. Based on previous reports, the search engine giant has said it is not starting a warehouse or shipping products. Instead provides “Buy with Google Guarantee” on specific products where users can get a refund if a product is not received on time.

The shopping platform came after losing its influence in search of products to Amazon, where half of the users are using Amazon to search for better products.

The company has collaborated with retailers like Walmart, Costco Wholesale, Target, legacy shopping platform, and Boxed.

Google Shopping Features

Google Shopping platform is now live only to the users who sign in with its account. Even if a user logout from the platform, the page displays the legacy Google Shopping search engine pages.

Users can view all the trends with easy-to-browse sections and exclusive offers from the retailers.

The Google Shopping page is simple and categorized, giving more experience to users to know about the products.


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