Google Launched a New AdSense Reports Page with Significant Changes


On Tuesday, Google announced its new AdSense reporting page which is going to roll out in multiple stages in the coming two weeks. The new reports page has also undergone significant changes.

Google is going to restrict the duration of reporting data to only three years for all of the Adsense products. Another big change publishers will see is the removal of Admob and Youtube reporting data. According to Google, introducing these changes and limitations will result in more accurate reports.

All of the old data you have is still accessible from both the new or old report page, but it will only be available till the end of this year i.e. 2020. Once the update is here, the publishers will have automatically opted in to the new reports page. But they will still be able to access the old reports page by end of September.

Future Updates

Google mentioned that the AdSense API will get an upgrade in 2021 which will include more signals and parameters. Google will also be working towards offering more detailed insights to publishers to help them grow their business. This will be done by offering more information about the data publishers already have.

What’s New

Google has made the interface easier to use, nu redesigning it to make it easier to select the date, filters, etc. they have also removed metric families and have added a new way to pick metrics. The new update will also introduce new and improved charts with improved integration with tables. It is now easier to display a chart with just a click. 

The reporting page is now optimized for mobile devices so publishers will have a similar experience on their smartphones and other mobile devices. More information is available to publishers which makes it easier to get an explanation of metrics.

Once your account is updated, you can change back to the old look by using the toggle on the top of the page.


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