Google rolled out new Algorithm update in March 2018 – Broad Core Algorithm


Google likes to keep tweaking its algorithm to make the search experience better for its users. The year 2018’s first Google algorithm update comes last month in March named Broad Core Algorithm.

What is Broad Core Algorithm?

Although Google rarely announces its updates because it keeps updating its core algorithm almost every day and probably twice a day. According to the tweet by Google Broad Core Algorithm update occurs numerous times every year. Google calls it a Broad Core Algorithm Update.

Daniel Sullivan from Google said that “the search engine isn’t focusing low-quality sites. He further mentioned that there wouldn’t be any problem if sites with low rankings are fixed.”


Here are few things we noticed since this updates

  • The update inclined to offer better search results
  • There is no issue with websites which have lost rankings
  • Sites which have lost rankings can’t be fixed in any way.
  • The changes were inclined to the content, but it’s not a big problem.



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