Google Unveils AI-powered Grammar Check Tool To G Suite Users


Google has started the AI-powered grammar check tool for its Google Docs and other G Suite applications. The tool was initially made available to few customers through the Early Adopter Program, but now being made avail for all Basic, Business, or Enterprise service subscribers.

We already have an in-built basic spelling and grammar checker in Google Docs for years now. The new grammar check tool is not just the usual checker for highlighting the simple errors. It is powered by an AI that uses machine translation to identify complex grammar errors. Google uses the same technology that it applies to translate one language to the other for this machine translation model.

The G Suite users will start seeing the inline, contextual grammar suggestion in their documents, similar to that of Google’s spell check function. G Doc users will be able to see a blue line below an incorrect sentence.

Google with the help of linguists developed the rules for these machine learning-based translations. Spell check is a plain issue where users get a tag like “incorrectly” or “spelt correctly” where they can look it up in a dictionary or do a simple Google search for the word while checking grammar is not that simple in here.

The AI is coached in such a way to detect simple mistakes like the use of articles “a” or “an” and other complex grammar errors like the correct use of subordinate clause. The even more complicated words like “Affect” versus “Effect”, “there” versus “their” can be solved by the AI tool.

As of now, the feature is available to the paying customers of G Suite- Basic, Business, and Suite Enterprise costing $5, $10, and $25 per month. According to 9to5 Google, the AI-powered grammar check tool begins from March 5 2019, but before that, all the Google Docs users on G Suite will start observing the AI-powered suggestion first.


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