GREY group won Silver Lion at Cannes 2019 for the Gillette #Barbershop Girls Campaign.


The film shows the everyday village life from an eight-year old boy’s point of view as he notices how gender roles are clearly defined in the society. While men get to earn the living or indulge in sports, women are restricted to household work. The viewer can see the effect of subliminal patriarchy on the young protagonist’s impressionist mind until he walks into a barbershop with his father, where he is surprised to see two girls ready to give his father a shave. While the boy is puzzled the father explains that a razor doesn’t differentiate between a boy and a girl.

Sandipan Bhattacharyya, Chief Creative Officer, GREY group India said, ” This win is significant because the Entertainment category is truly a new frontier of advertising and moves beyond the traditional definition in every sense. We’ve always believed in making our brands a part of popular culture and to be recognized for that is immensely satisfying. We’re privileged to work with clients of the calibre of Karthik and Omkar at P&G and kudos to the incredible creative team at Grey”


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