“Hello” from Facebook: The New Dialer App to Feud Mystifying Calls!


Facebook is perhaps the world’s leading social networking site that has a remarkable sum of data about all the people accessing it. In today’s push-button age almost everyone is on Facebook. Nonetheless, Facebook has facilitated to employ this data to be of assistance to you, so that you can identify who is calling you and it gives you modest information with a new and free app for Android: “Hello” from Facebook. This latest app has two purposes to cater to; firstly it is a dialer application and also a caller ID app. What does it offer, what does it lack and what’s new? Let’s analyze all the aspects as a whole.

“Hello” serving the purpose as a dialer app:


The pros of this app are that it encompasses almost all the features that you require and also, appends a few more facets. “Hello” is integrated with a number pad featuring the T9 dictionary for all of you to instantly look up for the contact you are searching for, with a few taps. You can favorite the contacts and you can facilitate all the call records and data that you will need. Who’s blowing up your phone? Well! This app would let you know from the stored data.

A very intellectual move by this social networking app. Facebook unveiled its innovative voice-calling application on 22nd April, 2015; Wednesday which was the same day that it’s WhatsApp messaging services launched voice-calling for iOS devices.

What’s New and Inventive in this app?

The app is incorporated with Facebook; therefore, it mixes your phone’s contacts with your Facebook friends list. So, whenever you tap on to search for a particular contact, the results would generate the contact from your phone and also, from Facebook.

In case, your Facebook friend has added his/her mobile number to their Facebook account publically or privately, you can straightforwardly call them. But if not, you can employ Facebook Messenger to make a free VOIP call which wouldn’t take into account your talk minutes, instead, would require an active internet connection.

Correspondingly, if a contact in your phone book is your Facebook friend too, this app would automatically sync those two contacts and put forward the direct call option. A new-fangled approach indeed!

What it lacks in?


Every app isn’t perfect; there are a few loopholes that one can sight. For a case in point, Hello doesn’t hold up swipe gestures for user-friendly shortcuts, like swiping right on a contact to text message or swiping left to call them or vice-versa.

Hello also lashes you intricately into Facebook. Conversely, various other dialer apps incorporate various other social networks as well, but Hello encircles only Facebook. It doesn’t support WhatsApp or Instagram which are Facebook’s own products and is all about this one social network. However, it has some new and modern techniques incorporated while it was being engineered.

“Hello” as a Caller ID app:


At times it is disagreeable to get a call from an unknown number; isn’t it? Hello uses Facebook’s database to provide necessary details of the caller. Unlike other caller ID applications, Hello has an accurate and precise data about people. Caller ID is largely about context and Hello does that surprisingly better than other caller ID apps. It chalks out information in a better and useful manner. Therefore, Hello just employs what Facebook knows about someone so you might not get a result all the time. Facebook might add more inventive features in the near future, as of now; it is an interesting but a Facebook-oriented-information app.

Are you supposed to download HELLO?

Well! If you have an active Facebook account, if your comrades have an active Facebook account, Hello can prove to be a boon for you. You will get accurate context about whosoever connected with Facebook calls you, you will automatically know when they call and you can directly make VOIP calls via Messenger. But, if Facebook isn’t your type; Hello isn’t the app for you.

Quintessentially, Hello is moreover directed to replace the voice dialer on your phone or it seems so. But nonetheless, if you are on Facebook, you ought to be on Hello!



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