Hotstar Premium Celebrates Spoilers For The Game Of Thrones Finale

Hotstar premium celebrates spoilers for GOT

Game of Thrones, Final Season. It has been awaited, anticipated and debated by fans all over the world. Hotstar Premium always looks to provide the best watch experience across its shows, and for Game of Thrones it is with the advantage of being ‘first to the throne’, making sure that the wait for the Indian Thron-ies is not a minute more than that for those in the US, by simulcasting Game of Thrones – Season 8 at the same time as the US.

In the last GOT campaign, Hotstar Premium took the fight directly to torrents; this year the brand takes on every Thronie’s biggest nightmare – Spoilers. But instead of loathing spoilers, the campaign celebrates them through a film campaign; by handing the power of spoilers in the hands of Hotstar Premium subscribers. The campaign is further amplified through out-of-home.

Commenting on the campaign, Rahul Mathew, National Creative Director, DDB Mudra Group said, “For a manically followed show like Game of Thrones, spoilers as an idea is both insightful and creatively fertile. Then it was just a matter of bringing the idea to life in the most entertaining manner.”

Sunder Balasubramanian, Head – Marketing, Hotstar Pay said, “The single minded proposition to communicate was that this year the GOT fans in India could watch it live with the U.S. on Hotstar Premium. The creative idea of ‘the first to the throne owns the spoilers’ captured this thought simply, and stayed true to the language and milieu of the show.”


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