HP India’s new campaign demonstrates how technology can infuse fun into everyday classroom learning

HP India

Autumn GREY has conceptualised a new campaign for HP Smart Systems.

A short film based on a real school experiment is also an incisive commentary on traditional teaching approach, delivered with a poetic ease, quite literally.

Rahul Dutta, Head of Marketing at HP-Personal Systems said, “Need of the hour is to make learning a joyful experience in the classrooms, where students spend majority of study time. It should stimulate the curiosity of young minds to know and learn more. This initiative is our attempt to demonstrate how HP with its simple and effective technological solutions can make everyday classroom learning more exciting for school children. It is also the celebration of the hardworking teachers who are contributing to shaping the future of our country”

Anusha Shetty, Chairperson and CEO, GREY group said,  “It’s important for classrooms to be motivating enough for children to attend. So, innovation in education approach is the need of the hour. Here’s one such fabulous approach from HP that makes learning fun and immersive. I do wish for every child to have this color in their school life. “


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