Importance of Videos in Digital Marketing and things to be covered while creating a Video.

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Why we need Video Marketing?

It can be for  Showcasing your business, Generating more Leads, Finding new customers or for increasing your Revenue. Whatever the purpose can be, the trending way that is buzzing around for all kinds of businesses to impress and attract the customers is Video Marketing.

From being a part of the Marketing strategy to being a center of marketing strategy. This will be a perfect line to describe how video marketing has evolved in recent years. If you are not doing the video marketing till now trust me you need to start thinking about it immediately. There is no short of service providers in every niche and it very valuable to grab the attention of consumers.

Now comes the big question, How I need to convey my message through a video, do I need Images?? Animations?? Graphics?? Voice Over and maintaining a great sound quality?? A BIG NO

An all-time Hero:

I always believe that content is KING. It can be any era starting from Printing press, Radio, Television and now The Digital Era. You need to have proper content which adds value to the person experiencing the content and all the factors that I have mentioned above will add as a catalyst and with the kind of audience targeting that is available in the online platform it became easier than ever before to reach your potential customers.

BACK TO THE VIDEO MARKETING  According to the latest survey done by the HubSpot “72% of the people prefer a Video to know about a product or service and this will be significantly increased by 2021”. This shows how important it is to showcase your business to your audience by a  Video.

Time for another Question I have an engaging video where I need to publish it is YouTube is my only option?

Not Really! The first place has to be your Website Home page. Imagine the kind of A brand personality that you can showcase to your audience and it is the way to gain the first impression and Video is the easiest way to get an emotional connection with your customers by telling them who you are, how much you value your customers and what you stand for.

97% of the Marketers say that Videos are helping to increase user understanding of their products and services.

Above all the role of Video Marketing on Social Media is very impactful if your business is not online it is as good as dead in this Digital Era. The chances of reaching new customers are minimized greatly. From the past 02 years, Video consumption is skyrocketing and this is something which is never going to dip down.

Biggest example of this is the number of investments which social giants like Facebook and Instagram and putting in developing their platforms to the Video projection and they are making the lives of business owners easy by allowing them to target the right audience which is a motivation to develop personalized content.

Things to keep in mind:

Videos that we are making have to be a direct pitch reflecting your business and the person who is watching should be able to relate him to that video. The product or the service that you are providing should remind a need or it should fill the gap in viewer life that will be the biggest motivation for a customer to consider your product. These 2 things are really important and more than everything it should add value as I have mentioned earlier. Your Video has to be attention-seeking. 

Here I want to make an example referring to Flipkart advertisement, in the ad kids, will be acting like adults and voice is also of an adult and the way they have shown the need for waterproof gadgets, providing EMI through a Debit card. If they have to convey these things they need an X-factor and that X-factor is Kids acting as adults which are so cute to see that made many people consider Flipkart as the ad managed to get great attention among the mass. Another great example was Vodafone Zuzus who can forget the ads that were created by them. Creating a cartoon figure and conveying the message with there body languages and other props there was no need for any celebrity to showcase the brand. These ads shows what kind of impact a Video with great content can leave on society. 

Why they are leading:

We are seeing so many companies that are sharing their content through Video are ruling the digital world. Netflix is one of the top players in this list followed by Amazon Prime, Hulu,  Direct TV and HBO Now. These players are giving a neck to neck competition to traditional television because of one specific reason the way they are able to personalize and deliver proper content to each user apart from there easy accessibility.

Byjus is another player who has created a revolution in the educational world with the way they are sharing the knowledge in the form of video and a perfect explanation.

Time for another question,

How am I going to make a Video?

  • You need to be a good storyteller it is a common saying in Marketing that “stories sell” you need to do the same make a nice story about your business
  • You also need to make sure that your story is engaging and make your audience to spend time to see your video, always keep these two things in mind while you are making your video and invest a decent amount to put in a video form and use the best equipment possible. The best story deserves the best output to reach a larger section of the audience.

How will I make my story interesting? What will hook my audience?

  • Short and Sweet things are always nice and memorable same goes for the duration of your video. There no time constrain in Video marketing but it is always ideal to keep the videos around 120 to 180 seconds put your idea in a Video and became a ruthless editor.
  • As you have your video ready by becoming a writer, storyteller, director and Editor now it’s time to be a publisher. As I have mentioned earlier the first place to show your video has to be your website, then the YouTube and Social Media platforms based on your business.
  • Now its time for the final step be the analytic expert it is always important that you have a good ROI check the performance of your video see how engaging it is, there is always a scope for improvement and make sure you are doing that to your video as well.


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