[Infographic] A Trick-And-Treat With TweetDeck Keyboard Shortcuts For Users

[Infographic] TweetDeck shortcut keys for users

TweetDeck, a social media dashboard that handles Twitter Accounts once used to be an independent platform now acquired by Twitter Inc., has developed comprehensible features to give users the best of Twitter.

TweetDeck’s features help you to schedule, search, filter, collections, and more. Here are few shortcut keys for a user to understand better with the infographic format. Scroll and apply.

TweetDeck Keyboard Shortcuts For Users

TweetDeck shortcut key
Infographic shortcut key
TweetDeck keyboard shortcut

Other TweetDeck Shortcut Keys-

  • ;: show command palette
  • ?: show full keyboard shortcut list
  • ESC: close pop-up/cancel search
  • 0: jump to last column on the right


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