Inspired or Copied? The Thin Line that Crossed Often on Social Media

social media

Social Media is all about engaging with existing followers and attract new ones. In pursuit of that social media agencies and brands are doing their best by including trending topics to their social media strategies. 

With thousands of brands and agencies looking to leverage the same trending topic, overlaps are bound to happen. Are those overlaps just a coincidence or are they intentional we leave up to you to decide.

Below are few examples of such overlaps by big brands and social media agencies in the country.

Dunkin India and Crompton India

We found a striking similarity between Women’s day post of these two brands. Both the brands have the same concept and almost the same execution with minor tweaks. Although Crompton India has removed the post later.

Dominos India and Zomato Gold

Both these brands are quite active on social media and often include the latest trends in their social media posts. While both belong to the entirely different industry there is a striking similarity between their Game of throne post. 

The Zomato gold post was posted much earlier than dominos one.

Shootorder and Geekchip

These are the two digital marketing agencies from Hyderabad, their ads on Game of Throne theme are as similar as possible.

In this case, Shootorder is the first one to post.


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