Instagram has Announced New ways to Monetize IGTV


Instagram has announced new ways to monetize IGTV this week with additional features for donations as well. Instagram will be adding new digital badges for Instagram Live that will allow users to donate money to their favorite Instagram accounts. This can only be done while the account is broadcasting.

Instagram explained, starting next week, they’ll be adding ads on IGTV. These ads will only appear when users will click on an IGTV video from their feed. These ads are going to be 15 seconds in length and specifically build for mobile. They will be testing multiple experiences throughout the year like being able to skip ads etc. to ensure everything works well for users, creators, and advertisers.

Instagram is going to share the revenue it makes from ads with creators on the platform which should motivate them to create more IGTV content. This might be the right time to consider making IGTV videos.

Additionally, Instagram is also looking for opportunities to capitalize on live stream videos on their platform. They have added a new way for viewers to donate to their favorite broadcaster.

Instagram explained that badges will appear next to a view name throughout the video. These badges can be purchased from Instagram during the live session. Every time the viewer will comment their badges will be visible to other viewers as well. Users can also unlock more features such as being placed on a creator’s list of badge holders and access to a special heart.


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