Instagram Now Allows Users To Add Captions To Stories

Instagram Now Allows Users To Add Captions To Stories

Instagram has been iterating with its design to allow users to take care of all their social media needs from within the platform without the requirement of third-party apps.

This has also been the approach of Facebook with its core platform.

This certainly increases the user’s interaction with the platforms and lets the platforms gather information about the user, making the individual user experience better overall.

However, Instagram has recently added a captions feature to its platform, this will allow the viewers of the Instagram stories to see subtitles in real-time.

Similar to the features mentioned earlier in this article, this approach is also something that was possible to be done by IGTV and threads app, however, Facebook has also integrated this feature on the stories and reels.

There are two ways to implement this to your stories:

Using caption stickers: this is possible to do by choosing the video for your Instagram story. Just before you share this story, find the ‘Stickers’ button on the preview page, look for the caption option and click on it. Users are allowed to personally change these captions by clicking on the colour picker on the top, or the font option. There is an automated caption option, this is simply able to be done by tapping on the three dots visible at the top of the app, scrolling down to the accessibility option, and then clicking on it to access the auto-generated captions option.

Currently, this feature is only available with English language stories, and hence this feature has only been released in countries that speak the English language.



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