Instagram Stories Allows You to Post Videos 15 second Longer than Limit

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Stories are the most used feature these days on all the major social media platforms. Originally designed by Snapchat, Stories are primarily designed to share what you’re doing with your followers. Instagram has now been updated its stories feature with an ability to automatically divide the longer clips into small segments. With the latest update, you can create multiple clips from the Instagram app built-in camera that can be shared as a story longer than the 15-second limit in multiple segments. Last month Facebook also announced the ads in the stories and also a few months back Instagram added “Question Sticker”.

How to create longer videos for Instagram Stories?

Tap on the Story icon and then press and hold the record button for as long as you want to record.
Now you do not have to worry about the 15-second rule as the app will automatically divide your story into multiple segments and let you share a story of more than 15 seconds.
You can then proceed with the segmented Instagram story by hitting the Next button. The segmented story can be shared with all your followers or to a dedicated group or with an individual Instagram user. It is worth noting here that while the fresh change allows you to share Instagram Stories longer than the original limit, each of the segments the app creates is still 15 seconds long. Instagram also adds a subtle transition effect between the segments.


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