Instant Push Notifications Now On Facebook


People who were anticipating for getting instant push notifications on their web browser has good news, as Facebook has joined hands with UC Web to deliver push notifications from social network to the browser. The strategic team has developed the methodology that will give the flexibility to users for checking their real time notifications from their Facebook timeline while surfing the other sites. Clicking on these notifications will direct the users to mobile application or website. This feature will be available on the existing version of UC browser and users don’t have to go for any up-gradation.

However, it is mandatory that users should log in to their Facebook account via UC browser. This is the first time in the Indian market that Facebook has tied a knot with a mobile browser company to introduce any new feature. This collaboration will further push the services of Facebook in Indian market, which is one of the leading markets for the company. This strategy is one of the innovative tactics of marketing adopted by the company in order to maintain the brand recognition among the users. Statistics revealed that such strategies adopted by Facebook has helped in maintaining top position in the league of social networking. Whereas, other competitors like Twitter and Linkedin are constantly working for evolving such strategy to overcome their loopholes in Brand positioning strategy in respective markets.

It is recommended that the competitors of Facebook have to soon adopt such strategies in order to boost their position in Indian market.

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Stickers On Friends Faces: – Facebook To Launch New Messenger Application.

Messengers have changed the way of communicating through social media platform and smiley are one of the key elements to express emotions in chat. Considering this fact in a significant manner, Facebook is planning to launch a new application that will change the way of sending emotions through messenger. The management team has geared up for the launch of ‘ Stickered For Messenger’ in Google Play store and recently in iOS App Store.

This application will give the flexibility to users to add lucrative and latest emotions on photos and can send further as a new customized emotion on messenger. The new application holds more than 50 images and an individual is not required to login to their accounts for using the application.


Stickered for Messenger cannot be termed as independent application as it requires availability of messenger, users can add emotions even before clicking the picture with the camera given in the picture of customizing the emotion. Decorating other images is also possible with limitless emotions on one picture. The company’s motto is to check the response of this feature from the users and if it sways in the right direction then company will bring it in as a feature of the messenger.

Facebook has done such sort of testing in recent times with the option of posting emotions in comments, company made it official feature in October after testing it for a significant feature. Such strategies are helping Facebook to maintain the interest of users in using the platform and keeping them intact. In addition to this Facebook is also planning to introduce payment options through messenger if the initial concept of emotions gets hike among the users. The instant cash feature will allow users to send money directly from their debit card and this feature would be more like Square’s Cash application persisting in the market.


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