[Interview] India is no longer a place for just cheaper cost labor- Rajat Jain

Rajat Jain

About Rajat Jain

Rajat Jain is the founder and CEO of “Shoot Order” which is a top ranked digital marketing companies with 200+ clients across the globe. Along with that, he has also been regarded as one of the best digital marketing consultants in India. Rajat also writes a blog named “SpeakRJ” where he shares his marketing experiences and latest developments in the market.

Have a look at the small Q&A we had with Rajat about digital marketing and what all does it takes to successfully run a digital marketing agency. 

Ques 1: According to you which are the most amazing breakthrough company in the digital industry in last ten years?

Digital marketing industry in India has a rapid growth over last ten years which gave ample opportunities to marketing agencies all over India to widen their reach. But if we talk about the sheer ability to enable new startups to meet their potential customers, many names come to mind but of course, top of them will be Shootorder.

Ques 2: What will be your advice to the new agencies looking to enter the industry?

For new agencies to enter the industry, they need to be focused on following:

  • Creativity in Content (Textual & Visual)
  • Client servicing & relations
  • Uniqueness (when competing with others)
  • Standard processes & quality check

I believe these should be the pain points for the agency owners and as well as the KPI’s for a successful agency.

Ques 3: Where Do you see Indian social media marketing industry as compared to its global counterparts?

India has always been doing business through its service offerings, it will continue to grow in social media marketing industry as well. Unlike olden days, when the world used to get labor work done at a cheaper cost from India, the time has changed where a good number of Indian social media companies have shown competitiveness in creativity on international levels.

Ques 4: How do you see the change in budget allocation over the years when we talk about traditional vs digital marketing?

The shift is happening right under our nose in present time, the budgets on traditional media are being compromised and are allocated to digital media by many top-notch companies. It will further continue and a day will come when the budget allocated to digital media will be higher than the budgets on traditional media. The major reason is the analytics and optimization on analytics, which helps advertisers to calculatively take decisions in the allocation of budgets.



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