[Interview] “Love your work and just work very hard and plan well” – Meenakshi Pamnani, The Shimmer Tales

Meenakshi Pamnani, The Shimmer Tales

Meenakshi Pamnani

Meenakshi is a Hyderabad based Fashion Blogger and Youtuber. She started her blog “The Shimmer Tales” on December 13th, 2014 pursuing her passion for fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel and more. Meenakshi loves to explore and recreate things her way.

In her latest interview with us, Meenakshi shared her content creation process, her experiences with brands and as a social media influencers.

From where did the name “Shimmer Tales” come up?

I believe that a little glitter is like pixie dust. It adds the glam factor to anything. Hence the name The Shimmer Tales

What has inspired you to take up fashion blogging?

Fashion Blogging when I started off was more like posting lookbooks about my outfits so that I could look back upon them a few years later and cherish the memories of the outfits I used to own. It was more like my own personal diary.

Please take us through your content creation process. How do you decide what to put out?

I love to create fresh and new content for my audience to look at. I plan my feed, the colors and also fashion styling based on the mood of the moment. I love pairing one outfit in different ways with different elements. It doesn’t even feel like the outfit is repeated. Also, I love trying makeup looks. My recent with Huda Beauty got a lot of love from my audience.

What is the best part about being a social media influencer?

It is a dream job. You get the first-hand experience of products before they are even released in the market. You get to travel with brands to different places and experience amazing stays with them and they give you the most luxurious experience. Every day you get a courier and it feels like a gift to you. Packaged in the most beautiful way. But above all that, you create your own content and never know what’s trending or going viral already.

Can you share your good and bad experiences of working with brands

The best part about working with top brands – You get paid very well. You get to enjoy all the products before it is released in the market. Your viewers are always excited. You get to shoot looking like a dream!

Bad experiences –

The payments are delayed. You shoot sometimes for 9-10 hours and it might happen that the brand doesn’t like it much so you need to reshoot.

Any other information you would like to share about your journey.

I would only say that hard work and content can take you ahead. Love your work and just work very hard and plan well. Rest will come naturally.




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