[Interview] Shambhavi Mishra : Her Journey From a Journalist to a Jlogger(Journalist+Blogger)

Shambhavi Mishra

About Shambhavi Mishra

Shambhavi is one of the most famous fashion and lifestyle bloggers. After completing her post graduation in Journalism in 2008, she moved from Delhi to Mumbai and since then she has been closely associated with this thrilling world of fashion, lifestyle and Bollywood. After working for big media houses like Aaj Tak and India Tv, she started her own blog fashion and lifestyle blog “TalkSassy” where she writes about things like fashion and lifestyle, beauty, eat and sleep etc.

Shambhavi Mishra- TalkSassy

In her latest interview with us, Shambhavi talked about her journey from a journalist to a successful blogger and art of becoming a social media influencer.

Ques 1: How did you start being an online influencer?

I started my career as a journalist in 2008 and worked as a fashion and lifestyle journalist with biggest of media houses for a good 8 years. I was at a point where I wasn’t doing anything exceptional,  Nothing really kicked me, I knew this is high time that I start something of my own. To be honest, I knew nothing apart from storytelling and therefore one fine day I kind of decided to move to digital media. In 2016, I finally took a plunge and left my full-time job to do something which was just in my mind. I knew nothing about blogging, social media influencing etc. All I knew that I wanted to review products, share my experience, share my thoughts with people. I think it’s just my art of weaving stories and knack of sharing experiences which got me good audience support from the very first day.

Today my blog www.talksassy.com garners thousands of views every month and I have a following of close to a lac all across the platforms. It wasn’t an overnight success, there were times when I pushed myself off my limit but that’s what has got me wherever I am today.

Ques 2: Why do you think online bloggers have become so influential and popular?

The fact that online bloggers are more relatable and real makes them much more influential and popular than any other celebrity. We guys are constantly in touch with our followers giving them a sense of belonging. There is a lot of trust factor involved and our audience actually listens to us.

Ques 3: How do you think you inspire others?

Inspire I think is a way too big word. There is much much much more than I wish to achieve Before I start to feel that I can be inspirational in any way. However, My whole agenda is to be useful to people. Every time I write a post or share an experience of mine, I always cross check if I am being informative enough. Be it writing about easy beauty hacks, or telling them how easily they can lead a balanced healthy life, I think there is some value that you are adding to someone’s life and this is what makes it worth the effort. I will give you a small example, every morning I share a positive thought via my Instagram stories every day. I get messages from so many people saying that my words really made their day, this is what they wanted to hear or they are feeling much better now. You can imagine the power we hold and how much difference our one simple act can make.

Ques 4: What is the best part about being a social media influencer?

The best part is your work time is also your play time & vice versa. The world is your playground and you can explore as much as you want and finally choose your niche as per your area of interest. You don’t need to have any degree to become a successful influencer. All you need is lots of passion, energy, time and patience and your good to get started. You are usually the first ones to experience products, services, etc which makes it even more exciting.

Ques 5: How have you stayed grounded since becoming an influencer?

By not forgetting who you are. Understand that whatever you are is because of the people who follow you. They make you everything. You owe them your success. Be grateful and stay grounded.

Ques 6: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Blogging and social media influencing are very much dependent on your face value especially in beauty and personal style blogging. I won’t really call it shallow but this is how this industry works. I feel this situation makes it a very short term, therefore I plan to create a bigger platform which will have multiple people at the backend and create more useful content.

Ques 7: How does your blog make difference in the world?

I proudly call myself an ethical blogger where the Focus is more on skin care/hair care with an inclination towards organic, Natural products, Vegan and cruelty-free products and brand. I promote a healthy and balanced approach towards life. With my blog, I am trying to support and encourage small businesses and also promote holistic living.

Ques 8: Is there is any advice you want to give to those who want to follow in your footsteps?

Have patience: Rome was not built in a day. Everything takes its own sweet time

Stick to your niche: This is very important. Find out your area of interests. Be a master of your trade rather than a jack of all. Once you know where your heart is, start reading more and more about the topic and make your notes.

Be informative: that’s the whole idea. Isn’t it?

Get inspired but don’t copy: It’s a very thin line but make sure you don’t cross it. Have your own style else you will just get lost in the sea of influencers/ bloggers.

Be you: Because only you can be you. People will relate more if you are yourself rather than pretending to be someone else. In fact, if you look at it, Being yourself is far more easy as you don’t really have to carry another personality with you all the time.

Value yourself: Do not underestimate yourself because you are new. Always remember, you will never get anything in life if you don’t ask for it. This is applicable to almost everything including Paychecks.

I think to get started These pointers may come handy and as one grows with time, We all find our own do’s and donts.

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