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Introducing A New Pin Format From Pinterest

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Over the last few weeks, lots of Pinterest user have noticed some changes in the pin format on the boards. Pinterest has officially rolled out the update with the new pin format that separates each of the pins to focus on specific topics and contains some small functional tweaks.

From Pinterest: 

Our updated look for iOS and Android makes Pinterest even more visual, with personalized recommendations front and centre in your home feed and reduced space around Pins to celebrate the content.

This update doesn’t add in anything new but has a lot of changes to the way it appears. A lot of things have been moved around on the interface that is focused on increasing user interactions. The look of the main pin has been given an overhaul, the pin now has more space compared to the last version. Pin button has been shifted from the top to centre of the bottom panel. The borders have been reduced a lot, and it almost looks like a feature that mimics the stories feature.

The search has been moved from the top to the bottom panel, where trending searches are also present within a single swipe. Following tab has been moved to the top of the screen from bottom in the previous versions. It’s not much easier to find pins that you have already saved.

These changes were found with the help of reverse-engineering the app by the expert Jane Munchun Wong. On the tweet, she mentioned Pinterest is testing suggestions for board names, An all-new UI for a pin and a new feature to set a pin as wallpaper.

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