Is Influencer Marketing Losing Its Impact In Digital Space?!

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is one of the important digital marketing pegs that mediates between brand and users/followers. A portion of the brand market drives by an influencer. In recent years, Influencer marketing became in vogue and material with the rise of the influencers into the digital marketing sphere.

Do you feel influencer marketing losing fascination? I feel though. In fact, we look at the influencing stats slowly getting sank, and people may find it not that enticing anymore. Reasons may be many. They became accountable for losing the trust factor in audiences or followers.

We can see some of the influencers pages have more hearts and thumbs up, followers, and comments even more than the one who has a good following in the market.

Why do you think it is happening?!

Because of inorganic growth.

But…how it has grown big and beguiling?!

Since everyone is betting big on social media for dollars, their major pick is the people who have a significant following in the social networks. Brand titans in India are heavily dependent on influencer marketing. Brands like Myntra, Jabong, Adidas, ITC, Hindustan Unilever, and more have profoundly relied on the influencers.

Brands believe that influencers can be traction and source to pull more audience and customers. It is a tried-and-true. And even we enjoy watching them collaborated and branding their brand. It is estimated that most of the companies including e-commerce and virtual fashion stores, blah, blah spending on influencers is more than any means to frame their product into a brand.

Is it Bots or Folks leading followers game?

Bots save our time and money. But depending on bots all the time is not good for the branding and influencers. If we speak about influencers in the social market, most of them use third-party apps to increase their number of followers and get noticed by the brands.

It is an open fact that many of the influencers buy followers to increase the number. For instance, a social media user can buy nearly 20,000 followers for Rs.1500. It is an arduous task to gain fame and name instantly and takes time in many ways to gain popularity. But looking at the current scenario, increasing the followers became more comfortable than it seems. One can easily buy ‘likes’ just like a Thanos finger snapping.

So…bluntly talking, they buy ‘fake followers’.

The result does not have negative impressions on the brand and neither positive impressions. But the social media users or followers might lose the trust of the influencers and the number game.

A virus that spread the planet

The buying stuff and all is not just in India. It is spread everywhere, I mean globally. The international brands knowingly or unknowingly publicizing the influencers who have fake followers. As per the reports what they found is that nearly 20% of the influencers are fake.

Whizsky’s standpoint

Influencers inspire and influence a massive crowd to a particular brand or product. Easy success stays short. If this continues to grow wider and broader nothing you are to be blamed for the brand’s lackluster and trust on it. Seeing all the scenarios, it’s a surprising and disparaging how the influencer marketing orbit is losing its influence on viewers. A slow withering of the hope in the influencer may eventually lead to the interest in the brand as well.


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